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Daks Co.Ltd. - Sofia, Bulgaria, is a leading manufacturer of smart leather ladies bags and first class leather wallets, purses, portfolios, key holders, other fine small articles, started in 1997.

Daks produces boutique series of fine leather kits of purses, document holders, key holders, portfolios, bags in one color. The company employees are highly qualified ,experienced and dedicated to the specific workmanship of leather. We apply the best of the Bulgarian tradition in leather processing, the knowledge acquired from our Italian partnership, and a lot of responsibility. We develop new models and collections of products with passion.

Daks is registered under ISO9001-2008 in the year 2009.

In 2003 Daks was awarded with GOLD medal award at Plovdiv International Fair, Bulgaria.

Daks monthly capacity is 1500-2000 pcs of bags depending on the models.

Our export partners :

Italy- The Point, LUANA, “Francesco Biasia”, “Donibag”.

Germany- “Montblanc”- wallets and document holders

Denmark- “BELSAC”

Sweden- AZZUR

France- “Moda in web”

Greece – Hunter



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